EmMeMa's Ten Halloween Ideas 2018
It's that time of year again where it used to be Hell-of-a-good-time, and all of a sudden you're no longer trick-or-treating nor interested in the insanely packed night clubs, what do you do? Here are our top ten Halloween Thing To Do this 2018! 

1. Jack-O-Lantern Carving

This is fun at all age - to me at least. And you can also roast the pumpkin seeds (don't burn it like me... google if you don't know how!), and if you're an over achiever, bake some pumpkin pies! This can be a full day event with your family and friends starting at the pumpkin patch. Don't know what to do with your jack-o-lanterns after halloween? Apparently every November 1st, close to 2000 pumpkins are on display at Sorauren Avenue Park, add yours to the collection and take a stroll at dawn of all of them lit up!EmMeMa's Ten Halloween Ideas 2018 

2. Scary Movie in your Halloween Undies

What is Halloween without some scary ass movies? Classic scary movies I would recommend includes "Rosemary's Baby" (I actually first heard of this from Gossip Girls and unknowingly watched it by myself and it scared the beejesus out of me), "Halloween" (1978), (I watched this in Film and Food Appreciation Club back in high school and it still haunts me), "The Shining", "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" , "A Nightmare on Elm Street" and "The Exorcist" (1973). Cuddle up in your Em.Me.Ma Halloween underwear, get some delicious caramel covered popcorn and some Halloween treats like Frankenstein pudding (so easy to make and so delicious!), and spend the night under the covers with the hair on your arms standing up and some satisfying adrenaline rush. 

EmMeMa's Halloween couples matching underwear

3. Halloween at the ROM

Celebrate Halloween at #FNLROM on Friday October 28th. They have tickets for both the kids (trick-or-treat 11am-4pm) and the adults ( FNL 19+ after 7pm). I have personally been to this event a few years back and I thorough enjoyed the snacks, the abundance of unique and quirky dancing costumes (this is the place you can dress up and still have some room to jump around), and the fact that it ends around midnight so you can catch up on some zzz and have an after party somewhere else. Drinks were pricy but dancing around dinosaurs is kinda cool. No? And they have a Fear and Fascination Exhibit with more than 400 live spiders!


4. New Halloween Release in Theatre

Sometimes it's the most fun watching a scary movie on a big screen and a serious sound system, new movie releases include Halloween (Oct 19), Suspira (Oct 26) and Killer Kate (Oct 26). Round up your friends for a good thriller in the theatre.

5. Casa Loma's Legends of Horror

I missed this last year but definitely won't again this year! From what I heard from my friends, it's a pretty long haunted house (castle in this case?) walk and there's even a bar in the middle of it! I used to go to school right beside Casa Loma and have always heard that it was one of the most haunted places in Toronto, so definitely check it out if you have the stomach for it! If you check it out before October 11th, you can get a 25% off deal on Groupon

Casa Loma Legends of Horror

6. Halloween Haunt at Canada's Wonderland

So if you missed Wonderland this year, don't you worry because you can go on Halloween this year through their haunted mazes, scare zones and they even have live shows and oh, about 700 monsters prowling around. In between the horror, you can hop on Leviathon or Behemeth if you like some extra adrenaline. I remember laughing at a monster with a chainsaw until they started chasing me! A night at Halloween Haunt will definitely not be light hearted. 

7. The Haunted Walk

The history of Toronto is so interesting, and I bet there are a lot of known facts that has taken place right under our nose without us even realizing. The Haunted Walk is offered in several locations in Toronto and you will hear some spine-tingling hauntings during the earliest days in the city, you'll never look at Toronto the same way again. 

Haunted Walk Toronto

8. Murder Mystery Game

Host a Murder Mystery Game that your friends will talk about for years to come. You better prep your friends on the night as you will spend a bit of time setting it up, but it will definitely be worth the effort. Your guests will become characters in a story and it will be up to them to find out who is the murderer. You can buy Murder Mystery Kits or visit The Spruce for 10 free Murder Mystery Games with Scripts.

9. Ghost Story Telling

Works great if you have access to a fire pit outside, or maybe plan a camp trip if weather permits where you and your family or friends can roast marshmellows while telling spooky ghost stories. Maybe a wolf will howl at the full moon for a dramatic finale! 

10.  Fort York After Dark: Lantern Tour

Listen to chilling tales on a lantern tour of Fort York at the Fort York Historical site in the heart of Toronto. You will learn about how the hauntings in the light house, the gruesome Battle of York ( do you remember this from history class!?) and much other as you explore the military cemeteries nearby. Tickets are on sale now and only $13.27 plus tax. 

FOrt York Lantern tour

You have SO many options this Halloween, right? Get in the spirit and start planning one or some of the ideas above! Make this year's Halloween memorable, and don't forget to sport your EmMeMa Halloween undies for all the festivities to come! Happy Halloween!

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