5 ways to reuse and recycle old textile

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5 ways to reuse and recycle old textile

  1. Repair and mend your clothes or upcycle them to something you would use. You can support a local seamstress or go to events like “Repairathon”, based in Toronto, where volunteers will mend your old clothes for free! I actually volunteered at an event a few years ago and had a lot of fun, I need to get back at it, who knows, maybe you'll see me there! 
  2. Donate or bring to textile recycle depot, we are very fortunate to be in Markham where there are over 60 Textile recycling bins that work with partners that will either donate the clothing or recycle them to items like home insulations and pillow stuffing and care seat stuffing. This is what we do with our fabric scraps! 
  3. “Thirfted Transformation”! If you are a more creative person and want to tackle  transforming clothing, I highly recommend watching Coolirpa for some inspiration! Besides her amazing skills and fun to watch videos, it’s useful to hear about what she struggled with in the process and how she overcame them, and make a mental note when you tackle your own project to avoid making similar mistakes. 
  4. Use old towels, t-shirts or absorbent cotton materials as rags by cutting up into small pieces. This is such a great alternative to using a paper towel when you have to wipe up the table or clean the washroom. I like to keep all rags and cleaning cloths in a bag after they’ve been used several times and throw them in the washer once I have a big enough load to avoid one time use. 
  5. 100% natural fibres such as linen, cotton, silk can be one with your garden via compost! Beware of toxic dyes, I would only recommend composting natural looking coloured items only. Remember to cut off all elastic, trims, and labels that are not natural. Here's a more in depth article on how to actually compost your fabric in your garden.


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