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Ok so picture yourself on one of those romantic occasions with your special someone. You've lit some candles, maybe cooked up a nice romantic meal, and then slipped into something “more comfortable” right? Well, think back to all those times the lingerie you picked out made you impatient to get it off, for more than one reason though, right 😉 ?

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More times than not, lingerie is designed with one goal in mind, to be sexy. While the sexiness of lingerie is the ultimate goal, it should not sacrifice comfort, because how are we supposed to fully enjoy these special moments when we’re not even comfortable.couple reading on couch together wearing sexy and comfortable underwear handmade in toronto


That’s where my brand, EmMeMa, comes to the rescue. I made it my mission to reinvent lingerie, it should be something that is both sexy, comfortable and flirty. EmMeMa is not just lingerie, it’s a lifestyle. Being sexy, comfortable and flirty is totally achievable, and creates a more spontaneous flare for your relationship! EmMeMa lingerie was created when I thought of the type of things I would want to wear. The lingerie we wear is not just for the other person, it’s also for us to feel sexy and confident. So I thought about what makes me feel confident in romantic settings. Well, obviously feeling sexy is a big factor, but being comfortable is also a big part of what makes me confident. Your partner will feel that energy, and that will only make things spicer for you too!

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I think the biggest reason for creating a line of comfortable intimate apparel is that I want people to be inclined to throw on their sexiest underwear as often as possible. We should enjoy throwing on something sexy for our partner and do it more often than just the typical romantic occasions that are too spaced apart. With a comfortable and sexy set of lingerie, you’ll find yourself surprising your partner on any given morning with a nice wake-up. Perhaps your partner has been having a rough week at work, and you think “hey maybe it would be nice for them to walk in the door tonight, with a romantic dinner, and me sporting my sexiest outfit!” Whatever the occasion may be, having comfort in your lingerie will make being romantic more frequent, and who doesn’t want more sexy time?

couple on couch making out wearing sexy comfortable underwear


I believe the era of placing people in uncomfortable lingerie is passing. The idea of a woman in unbearably tight lingerie, high heels, and wire bras does not feel sexy. Most lingerie companies in the past relied on men’s fantasies rather than a realistic approach to sexy. There is a growing shift in women’s approach to how they show off their curves and just being comfortable in their own skin! No more double push-up bras and lace underwear that only lasts three washes, we’ve got something that will make you effortlessly sexy! You’ll feel like Helen of Troy, and your man is likely to launch a desiring stare in your direction worth a thousand ships. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could put a little sexiness into our lives more often than Valentines Day and anniversaries?

couple mimicking airplane position holding hands lying on bed wearing flirty underwear


We all come to expect the lingerie to make its appearance on those occasions, which is still great, any chance to get things heating up is nice. But like most things in life, the more unexpected and unplanned fun is always the best kind. So please check out my line in Toronto of sexy and comfortable lingerie today, and surprise your partner with an exciting new experience! SHOP THE COLLECTION


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