how to make a long plane ride comfortable


Ok so I know there is a ton of information out there about how to make your next long-haul plane ride more comfortable, but they all skip such an important factor. Whether you’re travelling Down Under and looking at almost a day of sitting or hopping on a long flight to Hawaii for fun in the sun, your tush needs the utmost comfort. What you’re wearing is so important. You want something that can breathe. It may seem silly, but think about how nice comfy undies will help during a 10+ hour long flight. You spend so much time sitting, the last thing you want is a wedgie. This goes for men and women. 

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As for women, wearing the right kind of bra is also so key. Wireless bras are so nice on a long flight since they let your body off the hook ;) Sit back and enjoy breathable, light, and flexible underwear, so you can really make the most of an uncomfortable situation. You know those seats on the plane are not going to do you any favours, so take matters into your own hands. At Em.Me.Ma we promise these undies won’t disappoint. They’re made from 95% Organic Cotton/ 5% Spandex. Hello, breathable nether regions! 

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Other things you can do to keep you in the comfort zone are to know how to layer correctly. Having yourself layered with breathable clothing (almost all natural fabric is breatheable unlike synthetics) that’s easy to remove during a tightly seated flight will be way more comfortable than if you’re sporting something tight or something way too big like a chunky wool sweater. Try going with light layers underneath a cardigan. You have so many options so you don’t have to rely on those silly little fans that always seem to be too little or too much. Also, don’t get sucked into wearing style over comfort, wear your most comfortable shoes like Birkenstocks, sandals, Crocs, etc.

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One of my favourite suggestions is not just for the yoga fiends out there. Take 20 to 30 minutes before boarding the flight to do a vigorous and full-body stretch. You can save yourself hours of discomfort if your body is limbered up before sitting in one place for so long. Even if you don’t do yoga, you likely know the main stretches that will hit a problematic spot on the body. Focus on getting your legs and back stretched out nicely, sitting for long periods of time is known to cause back pain. Are you the type of person that worries about looking silly in public if they’re stretching? Just remember how silly those people will look when they’re fidgeting all plane ride long!


So you’re stretched out, limber, you’re underwear and clothes are light, breathable, and comfortable, now what? We have so many people around us in such a tight space, and we have hours trying to coordinate this awkward dance. One thing we overlook commonly is the advantage of the eye mask. Pamper yourself and upgrade to a nice silk one. You will be comfortable, and this will block out the pesky lights of those reading or watching tv around you. With a good set of noise-cancelling headphones, it also allows you to pretend you aren’t surrounded by a hundred hungry, grumpy, and tired passengers flying through the sky.

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