How to measure your bra size

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How to measure your bra size


With more advance technological fabric, less woman wear bras all together. We can wear super stretchy pieces that ends up fitting. However, stretchy/ "tech" fabric mean polyester and synthetics, we are wrapping plastic around the body and this has a detrimental effect on our Earth as well as our health. We use 95-100% Organic Cotton, which means the garments fit true to size and might look a little bigger than your average main stream brand. 

We ask for exact bra measurements to make a bralette custom to your body. 

When I am vending at trade shows, most often I get a hesitation when I ask for their bra size. This is because they either a) don't wear bras anymore because they're kinda awful b) fluctuate and changes depending on the lingerie store. 

Let me tell you how you can painlessly find out your bra size once and for all:


The easiest way is measuring under your bust for band size, add 3-4" of ease to that measurement and you have your band size. 


Your cup is the the difference between your under bust measurement and cup measurement. Ex. If your bust is 33 and under bust is 29, your cup is D

Our bodies are always changing and fluctuating, it is nice to measure once every six months to make sure you are wearing the correct bra size!


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