Perfect Bralette for young women with sensitive skin and battling Breast Cancer

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Perfect Bralette for young women with sensitive skin and battling Breast Cancer

Ultra sensitive skin? You're not alone. Some people have always had sensitive skin and some people start becoming more sensitive to the fabric against their skin. I have gotten many comments from women who were not able to find a bra that they feel truly comfortable with until they tried our bralettes. 

EmMeMa Bralette review

What I wasn't aware of was that this is also the perfect fit for women who are battling breast cancer or have gone through breast cancer. Here are some of the reason why:

1. We use certified organic cotton, one might think "organic" is over rated, but once you touch it, you realize the softness has to come from somewhere. Organic fabric means no harsh and toxic chemicals from the raw ingredient, all the way to the finished product, and we use digital printing instead of dyes. These chemicals include:

2. After years of perfecting the construction of our bralette, we took all feedbacks from customers and created the fully reversible bralette. We fully seal off all raw seams, that means no unfinished seams or thread poking and rubbing your body and that we use double the amount of fabric. On cheaper bralettes, you will notice that it is usually just one piece of fabric and they will finish off with a serge seam and tack down, we try to conceal the strap ends into the garment so you have a layer of soft fabric between your skin and any elastic and bra strap ends. 

3. We have a wide band around the chest to give support. Most women are skeptical about bralettes for bigger chest but then are surprised that our bralettes actually works for them because the band gives them added support, something that you won't find in bralettes with a small elastic under the bust. 

4. Stretch. Lots of bras and many lace bralettes have very little stretch around the bust area so it's either you fit in their mold or you don't. Our fabric has 5% spandex which means it will retain its shape even after wash and wear, and that it will also form around your body snuggly while being very breathable unlike polyester.

5. Customization! Last but not least, I think the reason why our bralettes are so comfortable on the body is because we can make them to fit your body, we aren't off the rack, we make the bralette for YOU!

Breast Cancer Review for EmMeMa

Whether you are going through or battled breast cancer, have gone through breast augmentation/ reduction, or simply have sensitive skin, I highly encourage you to take a chance with our EmMeMa bralettes!


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