Struggle is real

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Struggle is real

I can't believe it's been over a year since I took apart my boyfriend's boxers and had that eureka moment that I should make cute matching underwear for us. 

Feels like a lifetime ago and so grateful for my journey.

So what's cooking at Em.Me.Ma? I hit my first mile stone! I participated in Meowfest last weekend and completely sold out of all my cat prints and many others! I guess those few days sewing until the a.m. was completely worth it. I was actually very unsure of joining the market as it's the first one in Toronto (the team flew from Vancouver) and was a pricier vendor fee but SO very happy I did (just days before the event!). I definitely can't wait for next year! The weirdest thing is, that same night, we have a new baby kitten in our home! The world works in mysterious ways. 

Meowfest Evergreen Brickswork

I'd like to talk a little bit of the struggle. I don't think you ever would think about every small detail until you run a small business involving "making". The supply that is essential for me includes fabric, elastic, bra straps, adjusters, hoops, padding foam, plush waistband elastic, tissue paper, thank-you cards, hangtags, clothing label, shipping boxes and thread. I feel like I'm 24/7 arranging one or the other above [on top of cutting, sewing, selling, social media-ing, working a full time job] and sometimes find myself in situations where I am at the end of fulfilling an order and will be missing one element and feel super deflated! IE. right before Meowfest I ran out of black lining but I ordered more, BUT FEDEX took it for a spin and it arrived ONE WEEK late (Monday after the event). And then there are instances where I spent a few hundred dollars on bolts of fabric because it was  selling so well and I'm like "yes!- I'll be stocked for a while" and then no one seems to be interested *cricket*. It's actually so hard to predict demand and the growing pain is REAL! 

If you've made it this far, thank you for reading and hope you appreciate makers a little more!

We will be at Trinity bellwood Flea Market next Sunday July 21st (at The Great Hall) and Leslieville Flea Market Saturday July 20th (The Distillery District) for the first time! Come say hi or pre-order you item for pick up! 



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