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THE LAST THING YOU WANT IS A WEDGIE Ok so I know there is a ton of information out there about how to make your next long-haul plane ride more comfortable, but they all skip such an important factor. Whether you’re travelling Down Under and looking at almost a day of sitting or hopping on a long flight to Hawaii for fun in the sun, your tush needs the utmost comfort. What you’re wearing is so important. You want something that can breathe. It may seem silly, but think about how nice comfy undies will help during a 10+ hour...

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   IMPATIENT TO TAKE YOUR LINGERIE OFF? Ok so picture yourself on one of those romantic occasions with your special someone. You've lit some candles, maybe cooked up a nice romantic meal, and then slipped into something “more comfortable” right? Well, think back to all those times the lingerie you picked out made you impatient to get it off, for more than one reason though, right 😉 ? USUALLY, LINGERIE IS DESIGNED ONLY TO BE SEXY More times than not, lingerie is designed with one goal in mind, to be sexy. While the sexiness of lingerie is the ultimate goal,...

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Are you always struggling to find a unique and special gift for your partner? Something that’s totally instagramable? Super cute? And really comfortable? Do you have an anniversary, birthday, or holiday coming up and you want to get your boyfriend, girlfriend, partner or spouse something fun, new, and sexy as a gift. Try matching undies! Em.Me.Ma underwear is comfortable, playful, and sexy. COMFORTABLE AND UNIQUE GIFTS What’s a comfortable and unique birthday gift for your spouse or partner? Something that they will wear again and actually use? Who else is guilty of searching the mall last minute to bring home...

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