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Ultra sensitive skin? You're not alone. Some people have always had sensitive skin and some people start becoming more sensitive to the fabric against their skin. I have gotten many comments from women who were not able to find a bra that they feel truly comfortable with until they tried our bralettes.  What I wasn't aware of was that this is also the perfect fit for women who are battling breast cancer or have gone through breast cancer. Here are some of the reason why: 1. We use certified organic cotton, one might think "organic" is over rated, but once you...

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  With more advance technological fabric, less woman wear bras all together. We can wear super stretchy pieces that ends up fitting. However, stretchy/ "tech" fabric mean polyester and synthetics, we are wrapping plastic around the body and this has a detrimental effect on our Earth as well as our health. We use 95-100% Organic Cotton, which means the garments fit true to size and might look a little bigger than your average main stream brand.  We ask for exact bra measurements to make a bralette custom to your body.  When I am vending at trade shows, most often I...

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Always wondered what goes on behind the scenes? Check out our first-ever-video on all the steps of making the EmMeMa bralette!


UPDATE: I also sew elastic at the top and bottom of the band for better stretch retention. 

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