We donated 100% of proceeds in March to Red Cross: Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal

We donated 100% of proceeds in March to Red Cross: Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal

I visited my husband and his family in Ukraine in 2018. I remember walking towards The Motherland Monument, and there were memorials after memorials along the sidewalk of those who passed away in the 2014 Revolution of Dignity. I remember before meeting my husband, hearing about this in the news, but it hits you differently when you see the faces of these people, many younger than I was, who gave up their lives protesting for what they believed in. Who would have thought four shorts year later there would be a full scale war in this beautiful country. Many of their historical sites and monuments have been destroyed. More than 600 buildings destroyed in Kharkiv alone. While we are comfortable and safe at home, men are being killed, women are being raped in Ukraine, and honestly, too many other places in the world. And for what? This is 2022, we need to fight these evils and spread awareness.

“The brutality of war isn’t in the immediate moment of violence, however horrific it may be. It is in the reverberation of these violent moments through time,” said Mark Kersten, a researcher at the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy in Toronto. “That suffering lasts much longer than the time it takes us to look at an image and turn away."

Historically in wars, Red Cross supports prisoners of war, ensuring international codes of conduct, providing letters and food parcels. 

Update March 29: Canadian Red Cross has already contributed $82.5 million to the international Red Cross response with approximately 2/3rds (~$54 million) going to support people in Ukraine and 1/3rd (~$28 million) to help Ukrainian refugees in surrounding countries. Nine Canadian Red Cross experts are mobilized to support in the response areas, like Hungary.

Let’s pray that a ceasefire comes soon. #supportukraine

Thank you for everyone who placed an order in March, we were able to donate $1072.38 to Red Cross: Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal. 

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