Serpentine Underwear

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  1. of or like a serpent or snake.
    "serpentine coils"
  1. move or lie in a winding path or line.

This slinky underwear is made of a very soft cotton spandex, it almost feels silky! Perfect for serpentining on lazy mornings. You have the option of cheekini, thong, high waist cheekini or high wait thong. Our Cheekini and Thong are made with a plush logo elastic at the waist. These will fit comfy and flush to your body. 

Match these with our Serpentine Bralette and/ or mens boxer briefs!

95% Cotton/ 5% Spandex. Lined with 100% GOTS certified organic cotton

  • Organic Cotton is grown without chemicals and uses significantly less water

5% of proceeds goes to Wildlife Preservation Canada