The hybrid bralette

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This is our newest addition to our bralette family! It is fully lined and super soft on your body. It is the perfect blend between our bralette and balconette style. You also have option for pull over or back hook closure and add padding.

Hemp creates one of the most eco friendly fabrics in the world. Hemp requires no pesticides, crowds out weeds without herbicides, controls erosion of the topsoil, and produces oxygen. It is a renewable resource that can be cultivated in as little as 100 days and is the world’s most versatile fiber. Fabrics made from hemp are hypo-allergenic and non-irritating to the skin. Current tests indicate that hemp is able to kill staph and other bacteria that come in contact with its surface. Hemp materials will also soften with age and with each washing.

Organic cotton is grown without harmful chemicals, leaving the soil, air and water free from contaminates that cause harm and produces around 46% less CO2e compared to conventional cotton, and uses far less water. Various skin allergies relate directly to the chemicals used in non-organic cotton farming. By choosing to buy organic cotton you are enhancing the health of humans, animals and natural resources around the world. Don't let your biggest organ absorb all those potent chemicals and spread the awareness.

5% of proceeds goes to Wildlife Preservation Canada

If you are unsure of size, you can leave a note at checkout with you band and cup size.